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Finally, someone is listening.

Nolasco-Sardino, 18, of Germantown was awarded the Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Frist Memorial Scholarship by Gram’s Promise, an organization that promotes  tobacco-free lifestyles, primarily among children.

She was one of six recipients out of about 35 applicants.

The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate an understanding of  the dangerous consequences of using tobacco and who have actively set a positive  example for others.

Growing up in a household of smokers, Nolasco-Sardino said she has seen  first-hand the effects of second-hand smoke.

“I get dizzy, and I get stomach aches,” she said. “It’s just something that I  really don’t like.”

Her mother, stepfather and most male members of her family smoke.

She has encouraged her mother to stop smoking. Her mother has tried to quit,  but has not been able to kick the habit, Nolasco-Sardino said.

“I guess that is where the addiction comes in,” she said.

Her grandfather died of lung cancer when she was 7 years old.

She hopes she can help people understand that smoking has negative social  effects, as well as detrimental health effects.

In eighth grade, she spoke to elementary school classes with D.A.R.E.  volunteers.

When big events approached in high school, such as dances or vacations, she  got a group of friends together and they handed out brochures on tobacco  awareness and made posters.

Gram’s Promise wants to recognize young people like Nolasco-Sardino who  spread the message of not smoking.

The Frist scholarship carries on a message from Libby Frist, who died of lung  cancer and wanted others to know of the dangers of smoking, said Frist’s sister,  Mary Votta, a board member for Gram’s Promise.

“My sister’s wish to encourage anti-tobacco lifestyles lives on through the  scholarship and lives on through young people like Jessie,” Votta said.

Nolasco-Sardino said she wanted to try to help her peers realize there are  many positive ways they can spend their time.

“If you are smoking and doing drugs you aren’t taking care of yourself and  your health,” she said. “ If you are healthy, you can go far you can achieve  your dreams.”

Nolasco-Sardino will attend St. Mary’s College of Maryland in the fall. She  plans to study psychology.

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